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About JTC

A leading Jordanian Incoming Tour Operator with extensive expertise in the Russian, Ukrainian, and European Tourism market established Jordan Tourism Coalition (JTC) in 2004, creating a professional entity to serve above-mentioned market.

JTC is the first and only Tourism Coalition in Jordan equipped with a secure and strong financial background, highly skilled staff with a wide range of experiences (up to 30 years) in airlines operations, tourism, travel agency business and Incoming Tour Operator (up to 26 years). The experience, secure background and qualified staff have provided JTC with an influential role in the travel and tourism sector.

This coalition has lead to more effective and efficient means to create successful packages from Russia, Ukraine, and Europe to Jordan. Determining key issues have been tackled such as, offering an attractive Air and Land rates complimented by high quality services, creating and maintaining strong negotiations with all Air and Land services for improvements on existing rates and conditions. These are all factors that will aid in the establishment and building of the new market on a solid base.

If you are seeking a specialized and professional Incoming Tour Operator to Jordan and the region, as well as a reliable Airline partner in Jordan, JTC is the answer.