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Zara Spa is the largest and most sophisticated Spa operation in the region. Opened in May 1999 on the Northeastern shores of the Dead Sea, located at Movenpick Resort & Spa with 6000 sq. meters dedicated to pamper your senses, relax, revitalize & refresh your mind and body.

The spa's architecture is reminiscent of an age of luxury, complimenting the surrounding resort complex, which is built in a close-to-nature, low profile manner with most of its guest rooms in a multifaceted village design of traditional stone and plaster construction.

Zara Spa is your address to be welcomed to a perfect world of harmony for the body and soul. A world of pure relaxation to indulge your senses for the best of what is obtainable, steeped in history from the Middle East past. A professional team of therapists accompaniment with the vast facilities of hydro-pools, pools, privet rooms, a la carte treatment & massages and personalized retreat therapies is the ultimate experience to wish for.

Zara Spa Fact Sheet:

Share the spa legendary therapeutic secrets of the Dead Sea and soothe your cares away at the Zara Spa with a range of Health and beauty therapies to make you feel on top of the world. Using international skincare products and the famous Dead Sea mud and salts, our professional staff are here to guide and care for you.

Hydro-pool: Large outdoor heated pool with 3% Dead Sea salt concentration. It has neck massage jets, air seats, airbeds, whirlpool and geysers.

Kneipp Foot Massage Pool: Foot massage pool with 28% Dead Sea salt concentration.

Dead Sea Whirlpool: Large, heated, domed whirlpool with a 3% Dead Sea salt concentration.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Suite: Supervised cardiovascular, fitness and weight training equipment.

Ladies Only Fitness Suite: Cardiovascular and fitness equipment for women only.

Male and Female Thermariums (Turkish Hammams), each provides:
Caldarium (warm steam room).
Laconium (hot dry room).
Tropical Rain Showers (mint scented shower).
Soup Massage Room.
Indoor and Outdoor Rest Areas (separate for men and women).

Activity Studio: Large studio which provides a wide range of activities from yoga and aerobics to relaxation classes and workshops.

Infinity Pool: a summer pool an infinity edge and an endless prospective. Zara spa terrace served light refreshments and is the ideal location to watch the spectacular sunsets over the Dead Sea.

Hydrotherapy Treatment Suite:
Dry Floatation Bath
Affusion Shower Massage
Hydrotherapy Massage Bath

Health and Beauty Suite:
4 Mud Wrap Rooms with en-suite showers
1 Steam Room
1 Circular Shower
Dead Sea black mud is very rich in special ingredients that can improve the body texture and reshape its wrinkles. Silicates in Dead Sea black mud have a great tightening effect when applied to the skin, and that is why the mud is highly recommended to remove flabbiness caused by pregnancy, and sometimes after sudden weight loss when following weight loss programs.

Tranquility Room: A haven of tranquility with magnificent views of Dead Sea from the arched windows and adjoining verandah.

Spa Lounge: The lounge serves a gourmet cuisine indoors and in the shaded courtyards.

Zara Spa Terrace: A sundeck that offers privacy from the resort in the daytime.

Zara Spa Foot Treatment: The perfect treatment for those who love their feet to be pampered. This relaxing treatment includes a food scrub, a moisturizing treatment and a Marma point massage, which is based on the Ayurevedic massage technique.

The combination of professional and experienced staff, sophisticated facilities, beautiful architecture and an unparalleled sitting make certain that Zara Spa truly provides a higher form of well being at the Dead Sea.

How to get the most out of your spa experience:

To truly benefit from Zara Spa experience, you start your day with a refreshing shower, to help your body adjust to the unique climate and mineral rich waters of the heated Hydro pool, with a 3% salt concentration. It stimulates the circulation and massages your muscles with its advance pressure jets.

Relax as the bubbles in the center whirlpool swirl around; then proceed to the specific massage jets for a few minutes each. After visiting the airbeds, peninsula, side jets, back, and shoulder jets and air seats, return to the whirlpools for a few minutes.

Next, venture inside and float in the heated Dead Sea pool II. The pool contains pure Dead Sea water with a salt concentration of 28% and helps eliminate the toxins in your body and balance the PH levels. Walk along the water jets in the Kneipp Foot Massage Pool, to stimulate the pressure points in your feet and increase circulation.

Relax in Dead Sea pool I, heated to 36 C to loosen your muscles as you enjoy the view of the Dead Sea through its arched windows.

The Thermarium provides the heat experience area of the Spa and is ideal to use before a treatment. Start with a Tropical Shower and feet the hot water pour over your body. The ornate Caldarium (wet heat) opens your pores, increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

The Peppermint Scented Fog Shower uplifts you before you relax in the Laconium (dry heat) slowly brings down your body temperature as the warmed seats soothe your muscles.

For complete well being, visit the Fitness Suite with its Cardiovascular and Resistance machines or enjoy a refreshing swim in the freshwater Terrace Pool with an infinity edge.

Finish your day having a drink at the Spa Terrace whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

Zara Spa - Dead Sea

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