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The Dead Sea Medical Center, Dead Sea Spa Hotel, bungalows and natural solarium are located in the same complex. Beside the dermatological and rheumatological treatment the center provides body massages, mudpacks, ultrasound therapy, galvanic therapy, microwave therapy, cryotherapy and hydrotherapy.

The Center, which opens all week long, has a fitness room, indoor pool and multipurpose pool for the treatment of skin diseases and joint disorders. A natural solarium is located beside the clinic directly at the Dead Sea shore, it is separated for men and women.

The Dead Sea Medical center is located where the Dead Sea is wide and deep, which is about an hours drive from the International Airport and Amman. The Dead Sea water has the highest salts and minerals content of all seas in the world (the salts and minerals concentration is 29%, north - eastern shore). A natural phenomenon occurs at the Dead Sea, an additional layer caused by the high rate of evaporation in the atmosphere filters out the harmful rays of the sun creating a favorable UVA/UVB ratio.


A unique content of oxygen in the air.

The Dead Sea mud contains salts and minerals absorbed from the water, it is rich in magnesium, silicon compounds, it has a mask effect on skin and helps stimulation of blood circulation around the joints.

Natural healing power of the Dead Sea is utilized to treat skin diseases and joint disorders, anti-stress therapy, relaxation, fitness & beauty programs.

Modern equipped treatment center for skin diseases and joint disorders.

The director of the medical center is a dermatologist with rich experience in claimatotherapy.

English, German, and Russian speaking staff.

Pharmacy and emergency room in the clinic.

24 hours emergency service.


Psoriasis, Psoriasis Arthiritis, Pustular Psoriasis of The Palms & Sole, Parapsoriasis Disorders, a Topic Dermatitis (Neurodermatitis), Ichthyosis Vulgaris, Mycosis Fungidis (1-11), Lichen Planus, Localized Scleroderma (Morphea), Uvitis, Joint Disorders, Ankylosing Spondylitis (Bechterev), and Osteoarthiritis (Degenerative Joint Disease).


Photodermatoses, Acute-cronic Infectious Diseases, Heparin - or Marcumar Therapy, Epilepsy, Recurrent Thrombophlebitis, Severe Varicose Ulcer 0 Chronic Skin, Ulceration, and Congestive Heart Failure.

Medical Center Services

1- The Medical Center has a 24 Hours emergency either by a Doctor or certified nurse.
2- The Medical Center director is a specialized dermatolodistin claimatotherapy + general practitioner specialized in emergency cases + another doctor (physiotherapy) + 2 female physiotherapists + 2 male physiotherapists + male and female masseurs.
3- For most of the treatments the recommended stay is 3 - 4 weeks with the exception for neurodermatitis as they may need to stay 1-2 weeks longer, but the length of stay can be determined after admission.
4- Last year the Center had around 1000 in- and out-patients.

Dead Sea Medical Center

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