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Dana Nature Reserve is a system of valleys and mountains, which extends from the top of the Rift Valley down to the desert lowlands of Wadi Araba, an elevation drop of over 1600 meters. It embraces two major bio geographical zones and four distinct vegetation zones and contains a remarkable diversity of landscapes, ranging from wooded highlands and rocky slopes to gravel plains and sand dunes. It supports a wide variety of wildlife, including many rare species of plants and animals.

The total number of species recorded so far consists of 697 plants, 3 of which are new to science, and 282 animals. Many of these are now very rare and some threatened with extinction: animals like the Grey Wolf, Nubian Ibex, the Lesser Kestrel, Eagle Owl and the Desert Monitor Lizard.

Dana Nature Reserve Camp

So far, 45 endangered or vulnerable animals have been found in the reserve, making it truly a place of world importance. Apart from its wildlife, Dana is also rich in archaeology and culture. About 100 archaeological sites have been identified; the ancient copper mines in Wadi Feinan are particularly special, being considered as the most important archaeological complex in southern Jordan outside of Petra.

There is a wide variety of hiking trails, from short one hour circuits to day- hikes requiring an overnight in camps. All trails offer spectacular views and rock formations and some pass important archaeological sites, including the ancient copper mining center of Feinan.

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Dana Nature Reserve

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