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Diving at Aqaba - Page 2

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Aqaba Diving Sites

Gorgonion I
Average Depth: 18m - Maximum Depth: 25m

Site is named after a large Gorgonian sea fan coral which you can find at 15m depth. The shore entry is through zig-zag like passage interesting also for snorkels. The reef is sloping gently. In the hall water very interesting pinnacles with colorful life.

Rating: One of the best for diving, snorkeling recommended.
Corals: Large yellow cabbage at beginning of dive, fire corals and brain corals, varieties of stony corals.
Fish Life: On pinnacles shoaling glass fish, or sleeping upside down lion fish.

Gorgonion II
Average Depth: 20m - Maximum Depth: 30m

Named by two Gorgonian fan corals, which is 20m and 29m depth. Site is located at the south of the Gorgonoion I just left site of the parking area in the Marine Park. This dive site has varieties of pinnacles and reefs with a different shapes and depth. Very interesting pinnacles are in the shallow water.

Rating: Excellent for diving, snorkeling possible.
Corals: Fire corals on beginning of dive, table corals, cabbage and stony or raspberry corals.
Fish Life: Lionfish, scorpion fish, parrotfish, wrasse fish. Visited by green turtles, feed on sea grass.

New Canyon TankWreck
Average Depth: 18m - Maximum Depth: 30m

Located at the south from the Gorgonion II site. Very flat sloping reef, starting from 12m and gently slops to more than 30m depth. The Canyon has a sandy bottom and drops to depth over 40m. At 5m depth is the shell of a Russian tank, sunken in 1999 by King Abdullah. This is also attraction for snorkels, 30m from the shoreline.

Rating: Good for diving and snorkeling.
Corals: Plenty of healthy hard and soft corals, like cabbage coral, large spherical coral heads.
Fish Life: Eel moray, lionfish, scorpion fish, and green turtles can be seen.

Eel Canyon
Average Depth 18m - Maximum Depth: 30m

The site is located at the south of the New Canyon. The canyon splits the reef to a valley with sandy bottom and a big table coral in the middle. It looks like a tent from distance. The reef is flat sloping and descents to 40m.

Corals: Various all sort of corals, soft and hard.
Fish Life: Eel moray, scorpion fish, lionfish, parrotfish, many butterfly fish, box fish, damsels, and lizardfish.

Moon Valley
Average Depth: 20m - Maximum Depth: 35m

This site is located about 700m to the north from The Royal Diving Club. The sloping reef is interesting with valleys.

Corals: Good range of corals, healthiest corals are in deeper water.
Fish Life: Snapper, grouper, angelfish, puffers, wrasse fish, lionfish.

Average Depth: 20m - Maximum Depth: 35m

Located front of The Royal Diving Club to the north from the jetty.

Rating: Excellent for diving and snorkeling.
Corals: Variety of patches of very nice soft and hard corals. At deeper reefs some black corals.
Fish Life:

Lots of pufferfish, wrassefish, lionfish, scorpionfish, snappers, emperors, cornetfish, napoleon wrasse, damsels and stingrays.

The Gardens (House Reef)
Average Depth: 20m - Maximum Depth: 40m

Located front of The Royal Diving Club to the south section from the jetty, considered as an exceptional site for advanced divers and photographers, 100% healthy coral.

Rating: Excellent for underwater photography.
Corals: Huge massive size of table corals and very nice pinnacles covered with soft coral.
Fish Life:

Up to the usual standard for this stretch of coast, with the reef fish like sea horses, interesting sand gobiees, pipefish, cornetfish, lionfish, eel moray.

Saudi Arabia Border
Average Depth: 20m - Maximum Depth: 35m

Located near to the Saudi Arabia border, 4km south of The Royal Diving Club. One of the most popular dive sites. Drop off reef with a very long wall extend up to 850m distance.

Rating: Excellent for diving and snorkeling.
Corals: Cover is excellent, huge size of cabbage corals (all sort of types).
Fish Life:

Humphead napoleon wrasse, gropers, butterfly fish, angle fish, puffer fish, gobies, and small wrasse fish.

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